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[The practice of fungus dumpling stuffing]_Methods Daquan_Production method

[The practice of fungus dumpling stuffing]_Methods Daquan_Production method

The fungus is a relatively expensive food for us, and the quality of the fungus is even more expensive.

However, the fungus is unique in that it is very light after drying, and a small piece of fungus can become large after foaming.

In addition to the fungus that can be cooked, it can also be cut into fragile fillings inside the meat. This type of stuffed dumplings is the best.

Of course, there are other condiments to be added to the fungus dumpling stuffing. What is the practice of the whole fungus dumpling stuffing?

Agaric (English: agaric), mainly grown in China and Japan.

Most of China is Northeast Agaric and Qinling Agaric.

The fungus can be wild or artificially cultivated. The seed entity is auricular, leaf-shaped or cup-shaped, thin, wavy, 3-10 cm wide, about 2 mm thick, with short lateral stalks or narrow appendages.Fixed on alkaline.

The color is dark brown, the texture is soft and gelatinous, thin and elastic, translucent when wet, and shrinks into brittle horny, similar to leather when dry.

It’s delicious, can be vegan, and rich in nutrition.

The fungus is sweet, flat and has many vitamin effects.

It can nourish qi and strengthen the body, have blood circulation effect, intervene in iron-deficiency anemia, etc .; it can nourish blood and maintain its beauty, make the skin rosy and radiant, can dredge the stomach, lubricate, and also help some patients with hypertension.

Ingredients: 500 grams of black fungus spread, 200 grams of pork Seasoning: minced green onion, ginger, pepper powder, soy sauce, salt, oilScallion, ginger, and finally add the appropriate cooked oil (the above can be added according to your taste) and mix well.

Chop the edible fungus into pieces, add in the meat and stir well.

Note: It is best not to use boiled water for agaric fungus. One is that it will affect the amount of fungus hair, and the other is that the fungus is made with hot water, which has a soft taste.

The correct way to foam is to use cold or warm water.

When frothing, add some salt to the cold water.

The most famous is of course the three fresh shrimp stuffing.

Chopped agaric fungus with shrimp, eggs, and chives, add some salt, soy sauce, sugar and mix well.

No matter what filling the fungus has, it must be soaked first.

For pork, I like red dill, fungus, pork stuffing, shiitake mushrooms, leek or fennel seedlings, season with onions, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and fillings.

Those who like to be vegetarian, can fungus and eggs (chopped scrambled eggs), zucchini (shredded and shredded and squeezed and dried), shiitake mushrooms, and other seasonal vegetables suitable for filling.

If black fungus is used as a stuffing with sheep and beef, it is recommended to put radish or parsley onions.

Remember to add pepper water to the lamb.

The Chinese diet is vast and deep, and the fillings for dumplings are also varied.

In addition to the above several popular eating methods, you can develop your favorite unique fillings.

Dumplings are in line with our traditional spirit of Yong Nai Tai, you can put anything!

Precautions Fruit-filled dumplings are not recommended.

Sauerkraut and bacon fillings are not recommended.

[Danish Red Bean Bread]_How to make_How to make

[Danish Red Bean Bread]_How to make_How to make

Many people especially like to eat bread. There are many types of bread in life. Different types of bread have different methods. Some bread methods are more complicated and the resulting style is more delicate.

Danish red bean bread is believed that most people have eaten it. The nutritional effects of red beans in it are also very rich. Of course, we must pay attention to methods and pay attention to the details of the production process.

First, the raw material dough: 380 grams of windmill bread flour, 120 grams of low-gluten flour, that is, 10 grams of dried yeast, 30 grams of granulated sugar, 1 + 1/4 tsp of salt, 15 grams of milk powder, 75 grams of eggs, 215 grams of water, 40 grams of butter.

Wrap in oil: 220 grams of flaky butter.

Stuffing: Honey and red beans are appropriate.

Second, method ⒈ put the dough ingredients together, beat until the surface of the dough is smooth, have good ductility, immediately spread into large pieces, wrap it in a fresh-keeping bag, and send it to the refrigerator for 30 minutes to freeze.

When freezing the dough, remove the flakes, place them on a chopping board sprinkled with high-gluten flour, and roll them into a square.

Sprinkle high-gluten flour on the wooden board, roll the frozen dough into a large square, fold the sheet flakes in the middle of the dough and fold it at the four corners, and pinch the joint.

擀 After rolling the dough into large pieces of accessories, fold from the left and right 1/3 to the middle.

接着 Then roll the folded dough into large pieces of accessories, and then fold from the left and right 1/3 to the middle to complete the second 3-fold.

If the dough is not easy to roll out after 2 times of 3 folds, you can put it in the refrigerator for half an hour.

擀 Roll out the dough into a double-layer large piece again, and cover it with about 2/3 of the surface, and then press it into the dough.

Fold the side of the unsweetened red beans inward, and then fold again.

In the middle of Denmark, the material is usually three times and three times off.

3Roll the folded dough to about 3.

It is about 5cm thick. After trimming the side with a sharp knife, cut it to about 2.

5cm thick strips, with the cut side facing up, are added to the mold, and the final fermentation is carried out in a warm and humid place.

Finally, the fermentation is over. Put it in the preheated oven at 220 ℃, the middle layer, heat up and down for 20 minutes.

Third, note that the sheet-like paste is really convenient to use. It still needs to be beaten and rolled before use. Such a slight turning and softening will also make the sheet have good ductility, which is beneficial to the next operation.

In addition, the temperature conditions of the ovens of different homes are different. You have to observe this yourself.

[Low-fat homemade burger?

Perfect Fitness Meal]_ Low Fat Homemade Burger?
Home-made recipes for the perfect fitness meal
How to make a perfect fitness meal
How to make the perfect fitness meal

[Low-fat homemade burger?
Perfect Fitness Meal]_ Low Fat Homemade Burger?
Home-made recipes for the perfect fitness meal
How to make a perfect fitness meal
How to make the perfect fitness meal

Everyone knows that diet is especially important for health. If you want to be healthy, pay more attention to your diet on weekdays. It is best to cook at home. In fact, many home-cooked meals are even delicious.Kind of low-fat homemade burger?
The perfect fitness meal is not difficult. It only takes a little work and time.

1. Cut the chicken breast into thin slices the night before and marinate with Orleans powder overnight.

Cook the chicken breast and challah separately in an electric baking pan.

2. Spread the sliced bread with steamed purple potatoes (I have n’t finished it at home, or I do n’t need to put tomato sauce on it) 3. Spread a slice of lettuce 4 and spread the fried chicken breasts, which can be cut intoShape 5 smaller than bread, spread a slice of tomatoes and fried eggs 6, and add a slice of lettuce; cover another slice of bread 7, with a fruit salad 8, perfect breakfast?
Not enough to eat every day.

A simple home-cooked meal takes just a few minutes, and a low-fat homemade burger?
This perfect fitness meal is easy to learn and easy to prepare. Prepare the ingredients you need to make it delicious.

[8 months baby eat some milk powder_8 months baby drink some milk powder]

[8 months baby eat some milk powder_8 months baby drink some milk powder]

Some 8-month-old babies may have milk at this time due to work reasons or lack of milk. You may choose to give your baby milk powder. Everyone knows that the baby milk is usually different at different stages, becauseAt different stages, the baby needs different nutrition in the body, so if it is replaced by milk powder, the milk powder that needs to be selected is also different.

How many milk powders does an 8 month baby drink?

Baseball month babies usually drink the second stage milk powder. The second stage milk powder is more suitable for 6-12 months.

What are the precautions for babies to drink milk powder?

In fact, for the milk with too high concentration, the newborn cannot completely absorb it, especially the protein.

Instead, it increases the baby’s gastrointestinal burden, causes bloating, diarrhea, and impedes nutritional absorption.

Therefore, the amount of infant formula must be suitable for the age of the baby.

The general formula is: within half a month, every 100 ml of milk contains about 9 grams of milk powder; within 2 months, it contains 12 grams, and within 3 months, it does not exceed 15 grams.

If the infant’s milk intake exceeds the standard, anorexia may occur, or it may become excessive.

Obesity easily increases the abnormal tissues in the body, overloads the heart, causes infants to move slowly, reduces activity, and affects development. If it is 3 months, the infant’s daily intake should be controlled within 1000 milliliters.

If the baby still has a headache, don’t add milk powder at this time, only replace milk powder to increase the glucose intake, which is good for the baby’s growth.

Under normal circumstances, parents do not need to worry about the baby’s nutritional deficiency. Therefore, any method to strengthen the baby’s food intake is not desirable.

The lactose-decomposing enzymes on the intestinal wall of the child are also lost during diarrhea, so the lactose component in the milk powder cannot be decomposed. The diarrhea-preventing milk powder is a milk powder made according to this method.

This milk powder is used in situations where diarrhea is severe or long-lasting.

Glucose plays a role in promoting the development of the central nervous system led by the brain, promoting the growth of Bifidobacterium in the intestine, and preventing intestinal obstruction.

Therefore, long-term consumption of diarrhea-preventing milk powder with low lactose content is not good for children’s health. It can be consumed for a short period of time when diarrhea.

The current trend is that even if there is diarrhea, and the proportion of milk powder is fed, breastfeeding and replacement of original milk powder are more advocated.

[Can potatoes and bamboo shoots be eaten together]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

[Can potatoes and bamboo shoots be eaten together]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

Potatoes are foods that are often eaten in life. Potatoes are cheap, delicious, and nutritious. They are food that meets mass consumption. Bamboo shoots are bamboo seedlings native to China. There are many types of bamboo and they are widely distributed. Bamboo shoots are a multi-fiber food.Can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help digestion. Bamboo shoots are rich in protein and amino acids and are very nutritious food. Can potatoes and bamboo shoots be eaten together?

Potatoes can be eaten with bamboo shoots.

Foods that cannot be eaten with potatoes: Persimmons, tomatoes, pomegranates, bananas Foods that cannot be eaten with bamboo shoots: Sheep liver, brown sugar, cuttlefish Extended information: The following people should be careful or avoid eating bamboo shoots: 1. Bamboo shoots are cold and sweet, andPatients with diabetic crude fiber, severe complications of stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastric bleeding, liver cirrhosis, esophageal varices, chronic enteritis and other diseases.

Eating too much bamboo shoots is prone to diarrhea, gastrointestinal cramps and other discomforts, so it is not advisable to eat more.

2. Those with autoimmune diseases, dermatitis and allergies: Bamboo shoots belong to the “hair stuff”, which is easy to catch fire, sputum, sores, allergies, or recurrence of old diseases, and new diseases, and these patients should not eat more.

3. Children before the age of 15 should pay special attention not to eat more bamboo shoots.

4, the weak spleen and stomach or women postpartum and will be induced by eating bamboo shoots, people who relapse and heal should not eat bamboo shoots.

5. There is too much insoluble calcium oxalate in bamboo shoots, so patients with urethral stones, kidney stones, gallstones should not eat more.

6, old and infirm, indigestion, spleen deficiency and intestinal slippery should not eat more bamboo shoots.

Also I am Gatan!

The Dalian fans finally shouted out that Hamsik was kicking the health ball.

Also I am Gatan!
The Dalian fans finally shouted out that Hamsik was kicking the health ball.

On April 7th, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the Super League, the Dalian side lost 1-2 to Tianjin Teda at home and suffered a two-game losing streak.

This campaign, a foreign aid Hamsik performance is still not good, missed the opportunity to bloom in front of the door, which gave TEDA the opportunity to retake the score again.

At the last moment of the game, one of the home fans collectively turned their backs and shouted loudly: “Return me!”

In the first three rounds of the league, the Dalian side only scored 2 draws and 1 loss.

Before the match with TEDA, Cui Kangxi once shouted the slogan for the first win of the season.

Backfired, the game opened only 14 minutes, TEDA foreign aid Trident played a subtle match, Jonathan scored.

In the second half, Mu Xiekui flipped the score for Dalian.

Helpless team defense line is too disturbing, goalkeeper Zhang Wei made a mistake, Jonathan scored twice to help TEDA 2-1 win.

At the last moment of the game, Dalian home fans collectively turned their backs and shouted: “Return me!”

“Obviously, this is the Dalian fans to put pressure on the club leaders.

The winter window was transferred, and one party bought Boateng and Hamsik. Last season’s midfielder Gaitan was placed in the United States to play.

However, whether it is Boateng or Hamsik, they have all played well to the level they deserve, which makes Dalian fans very angry.

In this game, Hamsik made his debut, but his play can only be described as bad.

In the position of the front waist, Hamsik did not take the ball into the ball, and did not organize the pass. Even the best post-insertion was rare. Napoli’s famous place kicked up the health football in the Super League!

“Football” beauty reporter Jia Yanfeng spit in the game, Hamsik, that his role is not even as good as the domestic midfield.

In the 61st minute of the second half of the game, the Dalian side had the opportunity to go-ahead score.

Carrasconeche attracted Yang Fan’s defense, and then he unselfishly reversed the ball to Hamsik, who was following the goal. Hamsik faced the single-handed opportunity and shot the ball directly from the far corner.
Such a footwork is obviously not comparable to the identity of the name of Naples.

You know, Hamsick scored 121 goals in 12 seasons during his time in Naples!

After losing the game, the Dalian side not only ushered in a two-game losing streak, but also suffered a four-round incompetence.

Such achievements, for head coach Cui Kangxi, foreign aid Boateng, Hamsik, and tandem Zhou Jun, mean great pressure.

If the team can’t complete the running-in as soon as possible and improve the combat effectiveness, this year’s Dalian is still difficult to escape the fate of relegation!

The six dietary contraindications for allergic rhinitis avoid the principle of allergic rhinitis

The six dietary contraindications for allergic rhinitis avoid the principle of allergic rhinitis

The diet of patients with allergic rhinitis, family members of allergic rhinitis should pay attention to understand that patients with allergic rhinitis should alleviate some of the pain of patients with allergic rhinitis and help patients with allergic rhinitis recover health as soon as possible.

Therefore, the diet of patients with allergic rhinitis must be understood in detail.

So what are the dietary contraindications for allergic rhinitis?

What is the dietary principle of allergic rhinitis?

Let’s take a look.

Six dietary contraindications for allergic rhinitis 1, avoiding beef, caffeinated beverages, chocolate, citrus juice, corn, dairy products, eggs, oats, oysters, peanuts, squid, strawberries, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and wheat.

2, avoid cold drinks: too cold food will reduce immunity and cause respiratory allergies.

3, eat stimulating food: such as pepper, mustard, etc., easy to stimulate the respiratory mucosa.

4, avoid special foods or processed refined foods and eat foods containing artificial colors: especially yellow No. 5 pigment.

5, to avoid vanillin, benzaldehyde, eucalyptol, monosodium glutamate and other food additives.

Do not eat greasy sea bream, such as shrimp (especially sea shrimp), crab (bottle sea crab), mandarin fish, yellow croaker, squid and fat, lard.

6, animal viscera should also eat less.

Cigarettes, drinking and other hobbies should be quit.

Carefully eat celery, wine and other hair.

Dietary principles of allergic rhinitis 1, eat more foods containing vitamin C and vitamin A: spinach, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, white radish and so on.

2, should eat more ginger, garlic, leeks, parsley and other warm food.

3, should eat more glutinous rice, yam, jujube, lotus seeds, Italian kernel, brown sugar and longan.

4, should be light on the diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as radish, kidney beans, loofah, and pears, apples, oranges, alfalfa, grapes, walnuts and so on.

Tips: When allergic rhinitis occurs, you must pay attention to the dietary precautions of patients with allergic rhinitis, which is conducive to the recurrence of the disease.

Be sure to keep some questions in mind!

Whole grains eat more health

Whole grains eat more health

The whole grain is relative to the fine grains such as white rice and white rice that we usually eat. It mainly includes corn, millet, black rice, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran and various dried beans. Some of the whole grains have beenEveryone involved, in recent years has also been regarded as a good health care by many people.

But not everyone is suitable for eating all kinds of coarse grains.

People with different physical conditions choose the coarse grains that are suitable for them to achieve the purpose of health care.

First, chronic bad choice to eat millet.

Xiaomi re-raised the spleen and stomach.

People with poor stomach and intestines should eat coarse grains, food should be “soft and rotten”, and millet is suitable for porridge, not only easy to digest, but also does not increase the burden of the digestive system.

Very suitable for the elderly and the elderly and the elderly.

Second, people with high blood sugar, high blood fat or body fat, suitable for eating oatmeal.

Naked oats can prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by hyperlipidemia.

Long-term consumption of oatmeal is also beneficial for the control of diabetes and obesity.

Third, anemia people are suitable for eating black rice and soybeans.

Black rice beans have outstanding iron content and have a good blood-filling effect.

Black rice can be combined with black beans and black sesame seeds into a “three black porridge” and has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood. It can also be used to moisturize the skin and make up the brain puzzle.

In addition to the soybeans in addition to grinding soy milk, you can also eat vegetables, such as radish fried soybeans, sausage and fried soybeans.

Fourth, people with hot constitution should eat more mung beans and buckwheat.

Mung bean is sweet and cold, neutralizing and detoxifying, refreshing and quenching thirst. Mung beans can cook porridge and buckwheat can fry noodles. Buckwheat is a cold coarse grain. These two foods are most suitable for hot physique.

Five, people who are prone to edema eat red bean glutinous rice porridge.

Rice can help diure the excess water in the body, eliminate edema and replace the toxin waste.

Red beans contain potassium that promotes diuretic action.

Therefore, drinking red bean glutinous rice porridge can help the edema body to relieve symptoms.

Long-term adherence will be better.

Thin people want to pay attention to the health care tips

Thin people want to pay attention to the health care tips

The so-called “skinny person” refers to a person with a thin body whose weight is less than 20% of normal body weight.

The normal weight is calculated as: body weight (kg) =[height (cm) – 110]× 0.


(Note: in ±10% is normal) thin people in China’s medical theory of “yin deficiency”, “blood deficiency” physical fitness, its physical characteristics are the most basic substances that constitute the human body – fine, blood, serious shortage of fluid,The excess of sperm, blood and body fluid will affect the normal life activities of the human body.

Therefore, we must attach great importance to the harmfulness of body thinning.

Even for the elderly, it is not “a lot of money to buy old and thin.”

Whether it is fat or thin, the mortality rate is much higher than that of people who are not fat or thin.

Those who are the lightest and the thinnest are the shortest.

The physical characteristics of lean people: often dry mouth and throat, hot heart, hands and feet, red color in the afternoon, less sleep, dry stool, yellow urine, not resistant to spring and summer, more like cold drinks, less pulse, less red tongue and less moss.

  If you want to gain weight, you should pay attention to the health knowledge: First, the basic principle of diet conditioning is to be both nutritious and easy to digest.

The reason why we should eat more nutritious foods is because body thinning itself is caused by malnutrition.

The nutrient-rich here refers to the ability to replenish, replenish blood, and increase the body fluid, such as sesame, honey, dairy, sugar cane, fish, tofu, etc.

Conditions permitrs can eat bird’s nest, white fungus, sea cucumber, mussels, turtle meat, clam meat, old drakes and so on.

But for onions, ginger, garlic, clams, clams, peppers and other spicy and dry products should be eaten less, so as not to add fuel to the fire.

  Second, the spirit of the thin man due to yin deficiency, so temperament, often upset and irritated, this is what people often say “skinny people and more fire.”

Therefore, people must strengthen self-cultivation and consciously develop a calm, calm habit; in life and work, there are fewer non-principal issues to compete with others to reduce anger; to participate in recreational activities that compete with each other.
  Third, the spleen and stomach spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

The growth and development of the human body, and all nutrients that sustain life, must be supplied by the spleen and stomach.

If the spleen and stomach are weak, the body’s growth and development, the metabolism will be seriously affected.

Therefore, spleen and stomach, is the body must be recognized.

If the abdominal distension after meals, the stool is thin, indicating that the absorption function is not good, the responsibility is to the spleen.

You can eat some qi medicine, such as Buzhong Yiqi Pills, and pay attention to not eating cold or greasy food.

If you can’t eat, you are responsible for the stomach.

Pay attention to the stomach, you can eat some Xiangsha Liujunzi pills and the like.

If you can neither eat nor digest, you must make up the spleen and stomach.

  Fourth, the environment to adjust thin people because of yin deficiency constitution, and yin deficiency yang stagnation, it is often more sputum, manifested as hand and foot heart heat, oropharyngeal dry, often fear of heat and cool, winter cold easy, summer heat is uncomfortable.

Therefore, in the hot summer, you should pay attention to the summer, it is best to travel to the beach and the mountains.

In autumn, the climate is dry, and “dryness hurts the yin”, so lean people should pay more attention to nourishing yin in autumn.

The living environment should be quiet, and it is best to live in a house facing south.

  Fifth, improve sleep quality Because of sleep, the body’s basal metabolic rate is reduced, and the body’s synthesis is increased.

People who often can’t be jealous at night are often thin people.

Therefore, the body leaner should sleep well.

Have a chance to meet each other

Have a chance to meet each other

There is a long way to meet, and it is difficult to hold the opposite hand.

How many people in the world have no fate?

The so-called no desire and no desire, once the heart is opened, there will be more luxury, facing the happiness that is close at hand, but can not touch, this is the destiny?

  Because of the encounter with you, I have a yearning for the oasis of dreams. “There are thousands of flowers in the dream, and the glass is left alone, the snow is flying in the mountains, and the night is coming to me.”Where are you?

The faint melody soothes my sadness, and I drunk the tears of Menghe, leaving me to sigh in the wind, as warm as alcohol.

  Love is not a difficult negotiation to replace an emotional blend, a feeling that everyone is different, a kind of comfort that everyone has.

Love, not a perfect substitute for the process, is not dependent on other mutual support, I have been walking alone, because I have been ignoring the heart light, until I meet you, meet your bright smile.

And all this proves that the emotions that I have been dusting for many years are not empty.

  I often try to open the closed heart, but I can’t help but stare at the acacia in front of the door. Some love, very helpless, some sweet, and very sad. When I am alone, I know that the tears are salty.There is always a bitter bitterness in the salty, always chewing on the helpless, that deep thoughts.

The lonely person can’t stand the suffering of Acacia, and the pain in his heart is slowly extending.

  It is hard to love someone, and it is harder to forget someone.

Fall in love with you, I don’t know if I should walk away quietly, or wait sincerely, knowing, holding hands with you, how eager I was!

There is no choice, there is no pain, I only know that the palm of time has slowly filled the Acacia, whose story is not sad?

Which kind of love can be plain and timeless?

Who is not the fickle green vine?

  Walking on the streets where pedestrians are scarce, stepping on my own figure, I admit, I am vulnerable, although I try to forget you, but I can’t do it.

I am afraid of walking alone in this lonely feeling, afraid that the oasis in my dreams will disappear.

The leaves are falling, the flowers are dry, and they can be regenerated next year.

Sometimes, I really love the fallen leaves, love it to come and go, not to leave a hint of sorrow; love its tolerance, its ordinary and not mediocre attitude towards life, love it to look into the distant eyes and return to the earth’s smile.

But people, who can live a lifetime like water, no love, no hate, no complaints, no regrets?

I can’t. even if we don’t have a hand, I still want to tell you that it is my life’s luck to know you.

Perhaps it is doomed, I just have your back, watching your back disappear without traces, I pretend to be free and easy, but your smile, still stay in my heart. The so-called fate, so.

There are too many such men and women in the world, but in the face of fate, they can only go with it, even if they are unwilling, they can only care for their injured soul, telling yourself that you and I have a chance to meet but not to hold hands.