Observe the ear to identify hidden diseases

Observe the ear to identify hidden diseases

Observe the ear to identify hidden diseases

In TCM holography, the ear and the eye, the hand is the projection of all the information of the body in the local part. The observation of the ear is mainly carried out from the aspects of color, gloss, morphological change and positioning diagnosis.

  Color, gloss on the whole ear, the normal person’s ear is rosy and shiny, which is the performance of congenital kidney essence; if the ear is dry and dull, the reaction body is not enough.

  The ear color is pale, more common in cold and cold; also seen in people with insufficient yang, such people are more afraid of cold wind, cold hands and feet.

The ears are red and swollen, and most of them are “fire” performance, which is common in hepatobiliary or hot and humid.

The auricle is dry and burnt, mostly in the late stage of infectious diseases or diabetes, because at this stage, the body’s Yin fluid has been seriously burned.

Some parts of the ear are punctate or flaky, dark red, dark gray, etc., more common in gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer and other digestive diseases.

  Another element of morphological change is the observation of morphological changes.

People with thick ears have too much kidney; those with thin ears are mostly kidney deficiency.

The ear has a nodular or cord-like bulge, a point-like depression, and people without luster often suggest chronic organic diseases such as cirrhosis and tumors.

The local blood vessels in the ear are overfilled and expanded, and there are changes in the shape of the circle and the strips. It is common in people with abnormal heart and lung function, such as coronary heart disease and hypertension.

In addition, if the ear is pus, accompanied by redness and swelling of the ear, hearing loss is the performance of otitis media, Chinese medicine believes that this is wind-heat disturbance or liver and gallbladder damp heat.

  Positioning diagnosis In terms of the positioning diagnosis of the ear, the distribution of various parts of the human body on the ear is like an inverted oxide.

  The earlobe is equivalent to the face. When the teeth are caused by “fire”, the gums are swollen and painful, or when the hair is long and long, you can use your thumb and forefinger to knead the earlobe, or prick the blood on the earlobe. It has a good treatment.effect.

Frequently press the earlobe and have the effect of beauty and beauty.

  The depression in the opening of the ear hole is called the ear cavity, which is equivalent to the internal organs of the chest.

It often stimulates this area and has a health effect on the blood and circulatory system.

Place your index finger on the ear hole and put your thumb on the back of the ear to squeeze it.

  The upper part of the ear cavity is called the ear-boat, which is equivalent to the human abdominal cavity. It can be digested here and has the power of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the spleen.

  The distal auricle of the auricle is equivalent to the trunk of the torso, and the body of the neck, shoulder, back and leg pain should be more than the ear wheel.

  Today’s ear clinics and traditional ear clinics are classified with precisely positioned ear acupuncture points.

The diagnosis method can not stop looking forward to the diagnosis, palpation, stain diagnosis, bioelectricity measurement and other methods are booming.

Of course, the ear is only a part of the traditional Chinese medicine “consultation”, to judge the health of the body, to diagnose the disease, and to have other manifestations that combine the whole body.

Male infertility affects how family harmony is treated daily

Male infertility affects how family harmony is treated daily

Male infertility is a nightmare for patients and their families. Even many happy families have broken down. Now the incidence of male infertility is gradually increasing. People can no longer stay out of the way. For male infertility patients.It is painful, so what method should I take?

Let’s take a look at it together.

Effective treatment for male infertility 1. Drug therapy is the most widely used clinically, with reduced wounds and costs, and is easily accepted by patients.

The combination of Chinese and Western medicine is used to treat and treat Chinese medicine with tonifying kidney, nourishing yin, warming yang, strengthening spleen, promoting blood circulation, soothing liver and clearing the liver.

Here to remind everyone, when replacing traditional Chinese medicine treatment, according to each person’s situation, dialectical treatment, such as the same kind of kidney and warming medicine, is effective for one person, and may not be effective for another person.

At the same time, the use of antioxidant treatment, improve cell energy metabolism therapy, improve systemic and reproductive system microcirculation treatment and hormone endocrine regulation and other comprehensive treatment.

Second, surgical treatment 1, testicular / epididymal puncture is a method of removing testicular tissue or epididymis by fine needles to detect the presence of sperm.

It is mainly used to improve the retinal pills or the retina with sperm, which has the advantages of small trauma, quick recovery and no complications.

2, fine varicocele ligation is currently the world’s best treatment of varicocele surgery, focusing on other traditional surgical methods in terms of surgical outcomes and complications.

Through the operating microscope, the inner spermatic artery, veins, and lymphatic vessels can be clearly distinguished to better protect the arteries and lymphatic vessels.

Third, assisted reproductive treatment 1, Fu Jing fine insemination is the husband’s semen after special treatment, the dead sperm, impurities, anti-sperm antibodies and other ingredients that affect pregnancy, while improving sperm motility, extract good quality spermTo reach the standard of fertilization, injecting into the uterine cavity or cervical canal during the ovulation period of the woman, prolonging the way the sperm reaches the fallopian tube, and achieving a method of assisting pregnancy.

2, IVF for severely small, weak, malformed sperm disease, the woman’s fallopian tube, the female ovarian function is low, etc., can use the IVF technology to breed offspring.

The IVF technique is a method of taking out the female egg and forming it into the female uterus after the sperm is reconstituted in vitro. It is also the highest success rate among all the assisted reproductive technologies.

In summary: suffering from male infertility, do not feel fear and helpless, but no one can avoid medical treatment, delay the disease!

Among the many treatment methods, because each person’s situation is different, you should go to the hospital to seek active treatment, and follow the advice of professional doctors in order to have a good therapeutic effect.

10 small ways to prevent colds

10 small ways to prevent colds

In the spring, people are prone to colds.

A cold brings a lot of inconvenience to people’s lives, and it also affects their health.

So how do you prevent a cold?

Here are 10 tips to prevent colds, so you can stay away from colds and stay away from viruses.


Use the index finger of both hands to press the star point every day, and then press the Fengfu point to achieve a sour feeling.


Stretch out your hands twice a day, and rub your face 30 times, and massage it to Yingxiang.


After the morning, take a walk or do gymnastics in the air to strengthen your exercise and enhance your physical fitness.


After getting up in the morning, open the window and ventilate.


After getting up every morning, rub your face with cold water and wash your feet with hot water at night.


Breathing the salt water once a day can eliminate the bacteria in the mouth.


Concentrate on strength, body integrity, both hands and shoulder width, arms straight, do deep breathing 10 times, avoid suffocation.


Depending on the high temperature increase or decrease of clothing, do not remove the cap immediately when sweating, to avoid cold and cold.


Every morning and evening, you can use a vinegar in the room to fumigate each time, no less than 15 minutes each time.


In the evening, 30 grams of brown sugar, 3 grams of fresh ginger, drinking after boiling water, drinking green tea before going to bed, insomnia is hanged.

Comb head yang, good health, white hair

Comb head yang, good health, white hair

[Introduction]Predecessors believe that hair nutrition increases blood, hair growth and color quality can reflect the rise and fall of human blood, to some extent reflect the health of the body, and often comb hair, there will be no white hair.

  It is said that the famous poet Lu You of the Song Dynasty insisted on combing his hair every morning, combing on the white hair and combing it, and finally combing out the “hairy hair” (replacement).

Su Dongpo, a large writer of his contemporaries, was severely reduced in length. Later, he was advised by a famous doctor to insist on combing his hair sooner or later, and soon he would not lose his hair.

Whether these legends are correct or not, but the history of comb therapy has a long history. Many people have adopted this method to maintain health and fitness. Many health care workers have also specially researched and summed up the complete set of “comb hair”.

  There are two main methods of combing, one is to comb with a finger, and the other is to comb with a comb.

  Finger combing method: first bend the finger slightly, palm to the head, ten fingers close to the scalp, massage from front to back comb.

A person with more and thicker hair can be inserted into the hair with a finger, used for circular massage of the finger abdomen, and gradually shifted backwards. Those who have less hair can use a finger to comb the end, not too fast, and the number of times is better.

  The ancients demanded that “thousands of combs”, of course, do not have to comb a thousand times, but to comb more, generally require daily hair or hair combing 81 times before going to bed.

At the same time as combing the hair, it is best to hold a small bundle of hair while pulling, and then shake it to prevent and reduce hair loss.

  Another way to massage the scalp is to bend the five fingers slightly, and to separate them into a plum-like shape. Use one or both hands to slam from the front of the head at the same time. The sniper should be light and rhythmic.

This technique is irritating and effective, and is suitable for adults.

  Use a comb to comb the head to the scalp. It is light and heavy. It is combed from the forehead to the back of the head. It is best to comb it once in the morning and evening. After combing for a few minutes, comb the scalp with heat, swelling and hemp.

  Combs with combs should pay attention to the selection of combs that are short and sparse, easy to remove grease stains. It is not advisable to use combs that are too dense and too sharp to avoid damaging the scalp.

It is advisable to comb the round head with a horn comb, a jade comb, and a wooden comb (the best for the peach comb).

  Keep the comb clean.

There are many scalp diseases that are transmitted by the comb as a medium. The dirt remains on the comb for a long time, and chemical changes will occur. If the bacteria cause infection, a headache will occur, so the comb should be washed frequently.

  According to research, there are many acupuncture points on the head of the human body. Repeated combing can stimulate the peripheral nerves and capillaries of the scalp, promote blood circulation, and thus relax the nerves.

  Combs not only help to dispel the rheumatism of the head, but also improve the circulation of the head and blood, nourish the hair, reduce white hair and prevent hair loss, wake up, strengthen the brain and enhance memory.

It also has certain effects on vertigo caused by hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

  The contraindications of combing hair have surgical scars, fractures, fractures, ulcers, malignant tumors, skin diseases or hair loss after combing, and those who bleed are temporarily unfit for combing.

  It is not advisable to comb after eating, so as not to affect the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

  For the elderly and frail, pregnant women, children should use the flat comb method, after the end of combing, it is advisable to drink a cup of hot water to supplement the consumption of water, promote metabolism, and pay attention to rest.

This method should not be used for infants and young children who are not closed.

First-class Monday Syndrome

First-class Monday Syndrome

Burnout, stress, laziness, sickness, many working-class people have similar “Monday commuting syndrome”, which usually happens on Monday, the symptoms are relieved on Wednesday, and the incubation period is reached on Thursday, and it will be ferocious again next Monday.attract.


hzh {display: none; }  会有这类星期一症候群,是因生理及心理状态调整不佳,特别是周末时与平日的作息差异,对身体造成冲击。For example, many working-class people are busy after five days of work, and they are unwilling to be lonely on weekends. They are going out on Fridays and Saturday nights. It is easy to get tired and tired. On Sundays, if the trip is full, go to bed at 1 or 2 in the evening.There is not enough sleep, the body lacks rest. On Monday, it is necessary to cope with the full-time itinerary after 9 o’clock to work. The physiological time difference cannot be adjusted. Of course, the reaction is slow and the mistakes are all over. Some kind of syndromes unique to Monday are not difficult.Appeared.
  How to combat this syndrome: 1.

Do not play over the weekend. The schedule must be controlled. Stay up all night is limited to Saturday. It is best not to go to sleep at 1 or 2 in the morning on Sunday to avoid too much sleep during the day and repeat the sleep on Sunday night.

In contrast, on Sundays, you should return your life to work and prepare for the next day’s work. Don’t drink alcohol at dinner, go to bed as usual.

Sunday’s work routine is the biggest cause of Monday’s syndrome, and it is recommended to do a good job on Sunday.


Pre-determined on Monday, the mission plan will still be the same as the task, and you can also challenge yourself or plan. It is recommended to plan Monday morning and afternoon before going to bed on Sunday evening, each time to complete key tasks, or to think about how to arrange things, will doIt’s faster and better, so when you enter the company on Monday, you can get started right away.


On Monday, the more you treat yourself on the lower Monday morning, you have to dress up and go out.

If you dress beautifully, your mood will be good, and others will give you positive feedback and form a benign interaction.


Breakfast can not be omitted, not only Monday, every day breakfast should be well eaten to maintain a daily intake, doctors recommend that breakfast is best to eat low-fat, high-protein diet, because protein can increase the secretion of norepinephrine,Concentrate on the spirit, and the low child does not give the body too much burden.

At noon, you may wish to have a nutritious lunch and help yourself.


It is also very helpful to develop exercise habits to maintain exercise habits.

If you have good physical strength in normal times, even if you have a night, you can still cope with the task of the day, and you will not be sick immediately.

Soft-shelled turtle spinal cord soup

Soft-shelled turtle spinal cord soup

Tortoise porcine spinal cord soup preparation materials: Ingredients: 750 grams of soft-shelled turtles: 200 grams of pork spine, 60 grams of broken bones, 60 grams of Cistanche: 5 grams of ginger, 10 grams of green onions, 1 gram of pepper, 2 grams of MSG,6 grams of salt, 10 grams of cooking wine, 25 grams of peanut oil teach you how to do turtle skin soup, how to do turtle turtle bone soup will kill the turtle, drain water, head and internal organs, wash; turtle into boiling water hot 3?
5 minutes, scrape off the black film on the skirt to remove the astringency; remove the claws and tails, go to the back plate, the abdomen shell, cut into pieces of meat, and put them into the steaming pot; the cistanche, the bones are filled and filled with gauze bags., fry into a medicinal juice, go to the gauze bag; will be cooking wine, chicken clear soup, pig bone marrow, ginger slices, onion knots, salt, medicinal juice, cooked peanut oil, pepper evenly into the steamer, cover; cover, steamedMore than an hour to the smash, take out; uncover the lid, add flavor and fine taste.

  Tips – food phase grams: turtle: turtles should not be eaten with peaches, raisins, eggs, pork, rabbit, mint, celery, duck eggs, duck, mustard, chicken, scutellaria, crab.

  Bone broken: bone broken to avoid mutton, sheep blood, scallions.

Should not be used with the wind dry medicine.

What should you pay attention to in daily life?

What should you pay attention to in daily life?

The so-called “skinny person” refers to a person with a thin body whose weight is less than 20% of normal body weight.

The normal weight is calculated as: body weight (kg) =[height (cm) – 150]× 0.


  In the thin body, the Chinese medicine that says “yin deficiency” and “blood deficiency” is characterized by the physical essence of the body – the serious deficiency of essence, blood and body fluid, and the breakthrough of fine, blood and body fluid.Will affect the normal life activities of the human body.

Therefore, we must attach great importance to the harmfulness of body thinning.

Even for the elderly, it is not “a lot of money to buy old and thin.”

Whether it is fat or thin, the mortality rate is much higher than that of people who are not fat or thin.

Those who are the lightest and the thinnest are the shortest.

The physical characteristics of lean people: often dry mouth and throat, hot heart, hands and feet, red color in the afternoon, less sleep, dry stool, yellow urine, not resistant to spring and summer, more like cold drinks, less pulse, less red tongue and less moss.

  The health care of thin people needs to pay attention to: First, the mental health and thin people are irritated by yin and anger, and they are often upset and irritable. This is what people often say “skinny people have more fire.”

Therefore, people must strengthen self-cultivation and consciously develop a calm, calm habit; in life and work, there are fewer non-principal issues to compete with others to reduce anger; to participate in recreational activities that compete with each other.
  Second, the spleen and stomach spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

The growth and development of the human body, and all nutrients that sustain life, must be supplied by the spleen and stomach.

If the spleen and stomach are weak, the body’s growth and development, the metabolism will be seriously affected.

Therefore, spleen and stomach, is the body must be recognized.

If the abdominal distension after meals, the stool is thin, indicating that the absorption function is not good, the responsibility is to the spleen.

You can eat some qi medicine, such as Buzhong Yiqi Pills, and pay attention to not eating cold or greasy food.

If you can’t eat, you are responsible for the stomach.

Pay attention to the stomach, you can eat some Xiangsha Liujunzi pills and the like.

If you can neither eat nor digest, you must make up the spleen and stomach.

  Third, the basic principle of diet conditioning is to be both nutritious and easy to digest.

The reason why we should eat more nutritious foods is because body thinning itself is caused by malnutrition.

The nutrient-rich here refers to the ability to replenish, replenish blood, and increase the body fluid, such as sesame, honey, dairy, sugar cane, fish, tofu, etc.

Conditions permitrs can eat bird’s nest, white fungus, sea cucumber, mussels, turtle meat, clam meat, old drakes and so on.

But for onions, ginger, garlic, clams, clams, peppers and other spicy and dry products should be eaten less, so as not to add fuel to the fire.

  Fourth, the environment adjusts thin people because of yin deficiency constitution, while yin deficiency yang is biased, so often often sputum, manifested as hand and foot heart heat, oropharyngeal dry, often fear of heat and cool, winter cold easy, summer heat is uncomfortable.

Therefore, in the hot summer, you should pay attention to the summer, it is best to travel to the beach and the mountains.

In autumn, the climate is dry, and “dryness hurts the yin”, so lean people should pay more attention to nourishing yin in autumn.

The living environment should be quiet, and it is best to live in a house facing south.

  Fifth, improve sleep quality Because of sleep, the body’s basal metabolic rate is reduced, and the body’s synthesis is increased.

People who often can’t be jealous at night are often thin people.

Therefore, the body leaner should sleep well.

The place for the elderly to lose weight in sports

The place for the elderly to lose weight in sports

Is it better for the elderly to choose a certain kind of exercise?

Should you pay attention to certain problems during the exercise?

  (1) To choose the right exercise program: It is best for the elderly to do an extensive physical examination before exercise, and then choose the appropriate exercise program according to the physical condition.

At the same time, the results of the physical examination can be used as an objective indicator before exercise, and compared with the situation after exercise to judge the effect of exercise.

If the body has always been better, you can also check it yourself, such as 10-20 times of continuous squatting, or 15 seconds of running in the field, to see if there are symptoms such as palpitations, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, etc. If you do not start exercising immediately.

The sports program for the elderly must be selected according to the health conditions, conditions, hobbies, etc.

In fact, it is advisable to choose various joints and muscles for better exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming, Tai Chi, etc., instead of choosing excessive exercise intensity and speed.Competitive sports.

You can also exercise with exercise equipment.

  (2) Exercise should be gradual and orderly: as the saying goes, “three feet of ice, not a cold day”, “a bite can not be a fat man.”

Participation in sports training must not be eager to seek success, but should have purpose, plan, and step by step, to accumulate over time, in order to achieve satisfactory exercise results.

At the same time, the amount of exercise should be small when starting exercise, and gradually increase after adaptation.

After proper exercise, if you feel fever during exercise, sweat slightly, feel relaxed, comfortable, appetite and sleep after exercise, indicating that the amount of exercise is appropriate and the effect is good, you must stick to it.

The movements of exercise should be from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, from slow to fast, and time should gradually increase.

Every movement should pay attention to the movement from static to dynamic, from static to static, dynamic and static.

In addition, you must master the essentials of the action, skills and exercise methods.

  (3) Exercise must be persevering: If you want to achieve good results through physical exercise, you must persevere and never “three days of fishing, two days of drying nets.”

It is best to keep exercising every day for about half an hour. If you have difficulty, you should not step on it 3 times a week.

At the same time, it is necessary to arrange the time reasonably, develop a good habit of exercising on time, and pay attention to the proper amount of exercise.

  (4) Physical exercise should be carried out according to exercise prescriptions: because exercise prescriptions enable us to have purpose, plan and scientific exercise.

  In the case that exercise prescriptions cannot be prescribed, physical examinations must be strictly carried out before physical exercise, and exercise load tests should be carried out at a small amount, gradually increasing until effective strength and effective time.

  (5) Strengthening medical supervision during the exercise: The purpose of strengthening medical supervision is to prevent safety and prevent excessive fatigue or accidental injury.

If you can’t go too fast when you are jogging, one is quick and easy to cause complications and joint sprains. In addition, people with high blood pressure are prone to accidents, and may also suffer from heart cramps due to lack of oxygen.

In the process of running, you can run, alternate, breathe naturally, move slowly and rhythm, avoid doing suffocating or excessively forceful movements.

In particular, elderly people with arteriosclerosis should avoid actions that cause sudden rise in blood pressure, such as handstand, sudden bowing, bending and other actions.

  Always understand your pulse, blood pressure and physical health, and do self-monitoring.

After exercise, if you achieve a comfortable heart, happy spirit, mild fatigue, good appetite and sleep, stable pulse, normal blood pressure, indicating that the amount of exercise is appropriate, good health, and can continue to exercise.

If there is headache after exercise, chest tightness, heartbeat discomfort, loss of appetite, poor sleep and obvious fatigue, tiredness, indicating that the amount of exercise is too large, should be adjusted or temporarily stopped.

  Older people can use the immediate pulse and recovery time after exercise to control the amount of exercise.

Generally, the age of 170 is used. This formula is the pulse standard immediately after exercise, and generally should not exceed 110 beats/min.

It is advisable to return to the pulse level before exercise within 5 minutes to 10 minutes after exercise.

  (6) The elderly should follow the normal living system during physical exercise: pay attention to the nutritional content, eat more digestible, high protein, high vitamin, less feces.

To quit smoking, smoking can induce heart cramps and increase the incidence of lung cancer.

Drinking less alcohol or drinking alcohol can protect the liver.

Jin Yufang’s Yellow Earth Soup cures bloody stools

Jin Yufang’s “Yellow Earth Soup” cures bloody stools

The author has ruled a 79-year-old black stool patient. Gastroscopic examination showed that the gastric ulcer was combined with hemorrhage. Every day, the stool was 1-3 times. The treatment with omeprazole, hemostasis, thrombin and other western medicines was ineffective for half a month. I used loess soup.Treatment, to achieve satisfactory results.
  The patient had blood in the stool, weak bowel movements, mental fatigue, cold and cold limbs, pale tongue and white fur, and delayed pulse.
From the point of view of its pulse disease, the diagnosis is spleen and stomach deficiency, treatment of warming the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood, and using the addition of loess soup.
  Medicinal materials: stove heart loess medicinal stove heart soil 100 grams, 20 grams of donkey-hide gelatin, 15 grams of rehmannia, Atractylodes, and white peony, 6 grams of licorice, gun aconite, astragalus, 3 grams of powder (crush) 3 grams.
3 doses, 1 dose per day, Shuijianbi.
After the drug was found, the patient’s black stools were decreasing.
The effect was not better, and the Western medicine was gradually discontinued while the treatment with Huangtu Decoction was continued. After one week, the patient was discharged from the hospital.
  The loess soup is from the “Golden Dragonfly”, and Zhang Zhongjing uses the heart and soil with licorice, dried radix, atractylodes, aconite (cannon), gelatin, and scutellaria. It is named as loess soup, and it is used to treat spleen and cold.Blood stasis, uterine bleeding and other diseases.
  In the loess soup side, the blood is stopped in the heart of the hearth; the atractylodes, the aconite, the spleen and the yang, and the qi, the spleen and the spleen, the spleen and the spleen, the stagnation of the blood, the stagnation of the blood, and the spleenAtractylodes, Aconite is easy to consume blood and blood, so use the habitat, Ejiao nourishing Yin and nourishing blood, Huangqi Qingre to stop bleeding; licorice medicine and Chinese.
All kinds of medicines are combined, cold and heat are used together, both the symptoms and the roots are treated, and the combination of rigidity and softness, Wenyang does not hurt the yin, nourish yin and not interfere with yang, then the disease can be cured.
  Since then, the author has repeatedly used the loess soup, the effect is really good, the same way can be tried.

My house with my hometown

My house with my hometown

My hometown is in a village on the bank of the Lijiang River in Jishui County, Jiangxi Province. There is a house of more than 200 square meters and two floors in my house.

The house was built in 1990 with a brick-concrete structure and the roof is prefabricated with wooden beams.

  The house is divided into two parts: the back is the two-story main building, which utilizes the hall and the bedroom; the front is the kitchen, the pig bullpen, which is topped with reinforced concrete and can be used for drying things.

Every brick that made a good house was burned by our own family on the mountain, and pulled back by a piece of cardboard.

When I was doing the house, my relatives came to help, and the scaffolding of the scaffolding and the mixing of the pulp was really hot.

  After the house was started, it was also antiqued on Liang Liangli. My father and I brushed the red beam of the ink and swam the whole village in the drumming.

When the house was in, the family and friends of the whole village celebrated with their neighbors, and the firecrackers were released for several hours.

  At that time, I was still a teacher in the country, and I had to go home every weekend.

To be honest, the house is simple, the design is not reasonable, there is no separate bathroom, to solve a big hand and go to the public toilet in the village.

Because there is no sewer in the country, when the tide returns to the spring, there is a fading water flow above it.

The tables and chairs in the house are awkward and rough.

A table, the table is a few pieces of board, you can see the obvious seams.

But that is my home, my solid home.

  I put a full picture of my idol Qi Qin in my room, and hung a piece of my own copy of Han Li on both sides of the bed.

I bought a piece of cloth and used the curtains that cover the window.

I piled the books on the table and sank into the reading under the dim light.

Sometimes I would write in bed, when I fell in love with writing poetry.

In this country house, I imagined myself as an ancient hermit, or a cold window to read and wait for a day to go to Beijing to test a crane.

That feeling is actually very enjoyable.

  Living in such a house, there are many fun in the city.

  For example, you can listen to insects.

Every night, whatever you call is terrible.

It’s not like the lonely singing around the city, it’s still in pieces, one after another.

The depth of this surface is actually silent.

Listening to such a voice, the heart will feel very peaceful.

In the spring, you can also listen to frogs.

In the distance is a large piece of noise, close, I do not know whether it is a corner or outside the door, the sound of some two frogs is particularly clear.

Sleeping in bed, I feel like this is like a scorpio.

  On a moonlit night, sometimes I would sit on the concrete planks upstairs and watch the moon.

The moonlight filled me all over.

Look around the house and look at the crops in the distance, all in the tender embrace of the moonlight.

The vastness of the heavens and the earth.

The dog occasionally calls twice.

At that time, there was really an urge to cry.

  Some small flowers and grass will grow in the corner.

There is a vegetable garden and a rice field across the road.

Living in such a house, of course, you can know the fragrance of plants.

The scent of spring rapeseed will make people intoxicated.  Most like the early summer, the smell of vegetables will be heard in the vegetable garden on the road, and the smell of the seedlings in the rice fields.

Taking a deep breath, you can tell what is the pepper that has just come out of the fruit, what is the green bean, and what is the seedling that is absorbing water.

The pumpkin blossoms, the bees are of course not idle, and the nose is the smell of the pumpkin flower.

  It’s not bad to listen to the eaves when it’s raining.

Although the sound of the sound of the old house without a patio is so rhythmic and clear, but after all, it is a tile house, the sound of water droplets and corners will still evoke echoes in the heart.

  Living in such a house, there is always a feeling of god above three feet, and the heart of awe is born.

The grandfather’s portrait is in the middle of the hall, and there is also a New Year’s picture of the Taibai Venus hand.

Every year, the cigarettes are shining, the candlelight is shining, and the firecrackers are sizzling. You will feel that your glimpse of the shackles is with the world.

  I lived in a country house for 5 years.

Later I left the village and went to the city.

In the city, I also have my own house.

The walls of the house are hung with oil paintings, calligraphy, plasma TVs in the house, and computers.

The price of buying it was more than 200 square meters in the countryside and 10 times that of the two-storey house.

  The house of my hometown, my sister-in-law lives.

  Only sometimes my parents are sick, I will drive to my hometown in a hurry, pick up the sick old man and leave, most of the time can not stay in 10 minutes.

There is also the annual Spring Festival, I will go home with my wife and children, stay with my parents in the house for a few days.

  It is strange to say that I live in the city almost every day until 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, but in the house of my home, less than 8 o’clock, I sleep so tightly, I have to go to bed.

In the city, I will suffer from insomnia occasionally. If I am on a business trip, I still have problems with the bed, and I can’t sleep.

Can go home, not even a dream.

It is a happy sleep, like a child’s sleep.

  However, I am slowly losing my hometown house.

As my place of work changes, my home is getting fewer and fewer.

My parents are getting old.

I sometimes think that if my parents are a hundred years old, will I go back?

Can I still enjoy the happiness of sleeping in my hometown?

  the answer is negative.

Because by that time, my family relationship with my hometown will be weaker and thinner, I will find the reason for going back.

My hometown will treat me as a stranger.

The house in my hometown, all the air will become an obstacle for me to enter.

  My house with my hometown will eventually become old and strange.

  In the end, there are only oligars or strong nostalgia.