Thin people want to pay attention to the health care tips

Dec 21, 2019 新闻

Thin people want to pay attention to the health care tips

Thin people want to pay attention to the health care tips

The so-called “skinny person” refers to a person with a thin body whose weight is less than 20% of normal body weight.

The normal weight is calculated as: body weight (kg) =[height (cm) – 110]× 0.


(Note: in ±10% is normal) thin people in China’s medical theory of “yin deficiency”, “blood deficiency” physical fitness, its physical characteristics are the most basic substances that constitute the human body – fine, blood, serious shortage of fluid,The excess of sperm, blood and body fluid will affect the normal life activities of the human body.

Therefore, we must attach great importance to the harmfulness of body thinning.

Even for the elderly, it is not “a lot of money to buy old and thin.”

Whether it is fat or thin, the mortality rate is much higher than that of people who are not fat or thin.

Those who are the lightest and the thinnest are the shortest.

The physical characteristics of lean people: often dry mouth and throat, hot heart, hands and feet, red color in the afternoon, less sleep, dry stool, yellow urine, not resistant to spring and summer, more like cold drinks, less pulse, less red tongue and less moss.

  If you want to gain weight, you should pay attention to the health knowledge: First, the basic principle of diet conditioning is to be both nutritious and easy to digest.

The reason why we should eat more nutritious foods is because body thinning itself is caused by malnutrition.

The nutrient-rich here refers to the ability to replenish, replenish blood, and increase the body fluid, such as sesame, honey, dairy, sugar cane, fish, tofu, etc.

Conditions permitrs can eat bird’s nest, white fungus, sea cucumber, mussels, turtle meat, clam meat, old drakes and so on.

But for onions, ginger, garlic, clams, clams, peppers and other spicy and dry products should be eaten less, so as not to add fuel to the fire.

  Second, the spirit of the thin man due to yin deficiency, so temperament, often upset and irritated, this is what people often say “skinny people and more fire.”

Therefore, people must strengthen self-cultivation and consciously develop a calm, calm habit; in life and work, there are fewer non-principal issues to compete with others to reduce anger; to participate in recreational activities that compete with each other.
  Third, the spleen and stomach spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

The growth and development of the human body, and all nutrients that sustain life, must be supplied by the spleen and stomach.

If the spleen and stomach are weak, the body’s growth and development, the metabolism will be seriously affected.

Therefore, spleen and stomach, is the body must be recognized.

If the abdominal distension after meals, the stool is thin, indicating that the absorption function is not good, the responsibility is to the spleen.

You can eat some qi medicine, such as Buzhong Yiqi Pills, and pay attention to not eating cold or greasy food.

If you can’t eat, you are responsible for the stomach.

Pay attention to the stomach, you can eat some Xiangsha Liujunzi pills and the like.

If you can neither eat nor digest, you must make up the spleen and stomach.

  Fourth, the environment to adjust thin people because of yin deficiency constitution, and yin deficiency yang stagnation, it is often more sputum, manifested as hand and foot heart heat, oropharyngeal dry, often fear of heat and cool, winter cold easy, summer heat is uncomfortable.

Therefore, in the hot summer, you should pay attention to the summer, it is best to travel to the beach and the mountains.

In autumn, the climate is dry, and “dryness hurts the yin”, so lean people should pay more attention to nourishing yin in autumn.

The living environment should be quiet, and it is best to live in a house facing south.

  Fifth, improve sleep quality Because of sleep, the body’s basal metabolic rate is reduced, and the body’s synthesis is increased.

People who often can’t be jealous at night are often thin people.

Therefore, the body leaner should sleep well.