Also I am Gatan!

Dec 24, 2019 新闻

Also I am Gatan!

The Dalian fans finally shouted out that Hamsik was kicking the health ball.

Also I am Gatan!
The Dalian fans finally shouted out that Hamsik was kicking the health ball.

On April 7th, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the Super League, the Dalian side lost 1-2 to Tianjin Teda at home and suffered a two-game losing streak.

This campaign, a foreign aid Hamsik performance is still not good, missed the opportunity to bloom in front of the door, which gave TEDA the opportunity to retake the score again.

At the last moment of the game, one of the home fans collectively turned their backs and shouted loudly: “Return me!”

In the first three rounds of the league, the Dalian side only scored 2 draws and 1 loss.

Before the match with TEDA, Cui Kangxi once shouted the slogan for the first win of the season.

Backfired, the game opened only 14 minutes, TEDA foreign aid Trident played a subtle match, Jonathan scored.

In the second half, Mu Xiekui flipped the score for Dalian.

Helpless team defense line is too disturbing, goalkeeper Zhang Wei made a mistake, Jonathan scored twice to help TEDA 2-1 win.

At the last moment of the game, Dalian home fans collectively turned their backs and shouted: “Return me!”

“Obviously, this is the Dalian fans to put pressure on the club leaders.

The winter window was transferred, and one party bought Boateng and Hamsik. Last season’s midfielder Gaitan was placed in the United States to play.

However, whether it is Boateng or Hamsik, they have all played well to the level they deserve, which makes Dalian fans very angry.

In this game, Hamsik made his debut, but his play can only be described as bad.

In the position of the front waist, Hamsik did not take the ball into the ball, and did not organize the pass. Even the best post-insertion was rare. Napoli’s famous place kicked up the health football in the Super League!

“Football” beauty reporter Jia Yanfeng spit in the game, Hamsik, that his role is not even as good as the domestic midfield.

In the 61st minute of the second half of the game, the Dalian side had the opportunity to go-ahead score.

Carrasconeche attracted Yang Fan’s defense, and then he unselfishly reversed the ball to Hamsik, who was following the goal. Hamsik faced the single-handed opportunity and shot the ball directly from the far corner.
Such a footwork is obviously not comparable to the identity of the name of Naples.

You know, Hamsick scored 121 goals in 12 seasons during his time in Naples!

After losing the game, the Dalian side not only ushered in a two-game losing streak, but also suffered a four-round incompetence.

Such achievements, for head coach Cui Kangxi, foreign aid Boateng, Hamsik, and tandem Zhou Jun, mean great pressure.

If the team can’t complete the running-in as soon as possible and improve the combat effectiveness, this year’s Dalian is still difficult to escape the fate of relegation!